Thank you!

Oakmont received some letters of appreciation from school kids. During the final day of Fire Prevention Week, these letters of appreciation always help to remind us that the kids we meet and educate listen and appreciate the time we take to teach them and make their world a safer place. It is always nice to receive the letters, to help remind everyone how important a job firefighting is.

Fire Prevention Week at Schools

Oakmont attended and hosted many different schools at the firehouse this week to promote fire safety and fire prevention during fire prevention week. School kids were able to learn all about fire safety, the dos and don’ts of fire safety and get up close to the fire trucks and equipment.

Operation EDITH

On Wednesday, October 8th, Oakmont held Operation EDITH at The Halderman Residence on Woodleigh Road in Havertown. Operation EDITH(Exit Drills In The Home) is a creative way for Oakmont to teach the community about fire prevention, fire safety, and escape planning. This event allows families to see firsthand how firefighters respond to a call. Kids are able to see the firefighters up-close and in action while learning important fire tips and the dos and don’ts of fire safety.

Fire Prevention Night

On Friday, October 3rd, Oakmont held its Fire Prevention Open House at Grasslyn Park. There were activities for all ages to learn all about fire safety and fire prevention.  See the pictures below for all the fun activities!

This station simulated a real fire inside a house.  Oakmont firefighters responded, showing everyone how they put out a fire and how to keep families safe during a fire. 

At this station, kids were able to go through stations to learn all about fire prevention and safety tips. Kids received bags and reading material.

At this station, kids were able to participate in the “Fire Safety House” which enabled them to walk through a simulated fire and practice fire safety.

At this station, people were able to practice putting out a fire using a real hose.